My practice aims to bring an awareness of the present moment and a feeling of self through playful engagement between the viewer, object and space. I use various manufactured and discarded materials to directly transform objects from the familiar to the unfamiliar.

I am a multimedia artist exploring the possibilities of the material's potential; through the use of colour, transparency, moving objects and images. The objects I create desire their own pseudo world, free from limitations where space operates as a multidimensional playground. The uneasy tension, that holds the structures together, suspending the objects in time as if on the verge of breaking or collapsing, where dysfunction and failure becomes part of their unavoidable nature. This playful exploration and childlike curiosity thrives on the unknown properties of the process.

Curiosity's run throughout my work where materials meet instinct to produce installations with various viewpoints. The precarious and unusual nature of my materials produce an hypnotic act of being caught in an endless loop of senselessness that points to its own material subjectivity. Perception is a key process when viewing my work, allowing the viewer to move around the space, as theoretically, the work offers the possibility that no two viewing experiences will be the same.

Referring to the Lacanian concept of ‘jouissance’, I aim to question the viewer’s heightened attention to ask questions about self-enjoyment, consumption and art. My background in archaeology urges me to question modern day excess and perhaps redefine value.

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